'Today's murder for the sake of killing: disillusioned US drone operators are leaking air strike footage, according to the media

The videos of the 'punitive' and "nihilistic" strikes in 2019 in Afghanistan, which led to the killing of civilians, including at least one child, by U.S. drone pilots have been leaked as they looked for a two decades war exit strategy. The images, published on Tuesday in the context of a military news studio Connecting Vets, demonstrate how successive American governments and defense strategists have relaxed the standards of commitment in Afghanistan — part of a policy of pushing the Taliban to the bargaining table

'Today's murder for the sake of killing: disillusioned US drone operators are leaking air strike footage, according to the media

"Disillusioned U.S. drone pilots leaks air strike footage of Afghans who have no armaments," media reports.

But drone operators contacted by the publication stated the looser restrictions for air strikes were 'no point,' and did not change - one pilot declared it "murdering for murder." More civilians than the Pentagon revealed, the strikes have reportedly killed.

An unsuccessful pilot who operated with the Marines as part of the 'South West Task Force' in Helmand province in 2019 said he was traumatized with a faulty killing and reported on the occurrence at the location in a newspaper.

Today I was sidetracked in productivity. Two innocent persons have been killed and a loader [military child slang] killed. They were on a motorcycle, so they drove through stupid luck at the same crossroads as our target when the [missile] hit.

The operator stated that the objective was an Afghan man who utilized a bike on a radio, usually used in Helmand after the demolition of cell towers.

But the target was "running through the blast and continuing," the pilot said, "looking at a passerby loading the dead into a vehicle and driving the bodies into a hospital. All are dead." All of them are dead.

The record was supported by an operating military officer who spoke anonymously to the site. While Afghans in the radio – whose name or link to the Taliban was never found - rode like a "Bond villain" through smoke, the officer stated that the "two adults and a young child were slain on the other motorcycle."

But in the report Connecting Vets it was highlighted that, while leaving the two adult men "just happened to be here," on the date of hit, the Department of Defense (DoD) only reported one civilian victim.

The United States Central Command, which is responsible for military activities in this area, did not answer the site's questions.

Drone operators alerted the sites that the task force, whose Marines presumably had already abandoned Helmand, was disillusioned. By 2019, the Taliban had been under the province's largest control, with "almost no American ground patrols... and few Afghan troops."

The military had, according to the outlet, 'transitioned from intelligence to target criteria' such as the holding of a rifle, although unwarmed adult men might easily clear its suspicion threshold.

The DoD revealed last year summaries of the air power for Afghanistan, which showed six times more strikes from a factor of less than 1000 in 2015 up to 7 423 in 2019.

Barack Obama has "vastly [increased] and [normalized] his use of the armed drones in anti-terrorism" in 542 strikes, killing over 3.797 individuals in a number of nations according to a 2017 Report on Foreign Relations Think Tank.

Donald Trump delegated authorization for drone strikes to field commanders to work on the Taliban's exit strategy for U.S. soldiers as part of a National Security Council strategy.