Biden's designated Minister covered up murder of a black man by the police

Biden's Vice President Harris, as Attorney General, put thousands of black people in jail for petty crimes. Why does BLM support Biden's team? One of the arguments of the US Democrats during the election campaign was that Trump is a racist and Biden stands for black rights in the USA.

Biden's designated Minister covered up murder of a black man by the police
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Biden's designated Minister of Transportation covered up the murder of a black man by the police.

Black Lives Matter, who protest with violent demonstrations against the murder of blacks by the police, have supported Biden.

a former mayor of Chicago, was designated Minister of Transportation.

As mayor of Chicago, he tried to cover up the murder of a 17-year-old black teenager who was killed by a policeman with 16 shots.

To sweep the matter under the carpet, the bereaved were offered five million dollars as hush money and when this came out, Emanuel claimed to have known nothing about all this, but this turned out to be a lie in published emails.

Here's the clip:

Judge for yourself.

If Biden was serious about his commitment to black rights and against police violence against blacks, he could not propose such a man for a ministerial post.

Since BLM was financed by Democratic supporters to the tune of well over a hundred million, this suspicion was obvious anyway.

Even the US media, which was on Biden's side in the election campaign and protested against police violence against blacks and supported BLM in the media, are currently showing that they are by no means concerned about blacks, but about the fight for Biden and against Trump.

In a live broadcast on CNN, an interview with a New York politician broke the connection just at the moment when he criticized the appointment of Emanuel as Minister of Transport.

according to CNN - this was not censorship, but a technical problem that happened to occur at that very moment.

As California's Attorney General, she put 15,000 mostly black people in jail for the then still illegal use of marijuana.

Black Lives Matter did not stop her from supporting Biden and Harris.

And I suspect that the riots of BLM will end with the inauguration of Biden and Harris at the latest.

But little is likely to change for blacks in the US, the Democrats have taken advantage of them with the help of BLM, and all promises to improve their living conditions will once again remain as empty promises as in the past decades, when Joe Biden, as senator and vice president, did not distinguish himself as an advocate for blacks in the US.

In his decades in Washington politics, Biden was far more interested in getting his family consulting jobs that made the Biden family several millionaires.


Thomas Röper, born in 1971, has held executive and supervisory board positions as an expert for Eastern Europe in financial services companies in Eastern Europe and Russia.