17 US states recently agreed to join a complaint to dispute the results of the US election

Now 17 US states have announced that they want to have the election results reviewed by the Supreme Court. Hunter Biden is also suddenly under investigation, more on that in a moment.

17 US states recently agreed to join a complaint to dispute the results of the US election
Giuiliani about Election Fraud

17 US states have joined a lawsuit to challenge the results of the US election in the Supreme Court.

Social media is censoring this news and the "quality media" is keeping quiet about it. I have already outlined why I think Trump must leave the White House.

But of course, predictions are always difficult, especially when they concern the future.

A third of US states demand a review of the election results, 17 US states demand a review of the results of the presidential elections.

We uploaded the document as a pdf, 174 sites

They support the Texas government's lawsuit before the Supreme Court.

Incumbent President Donald Trump, who ran for a second term, is also ready to join them.

On social media, he thanked the 17 states that called for a review of the election results. Wow! At least 17 states have joined Texas in the extraordinary case against the greatest Election Fraud in the history of the United States.

Thank you!- Donald J.

Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 9, 2020The document so far refers to four states where the rules were illegally changed for the election.

The document also talks about large-scale fraud. We will upload it soon. YouTube, together with Twitter and Facebook, blocks all content that questions Joseph Biden's victory.

The Democrat now has other problems:

Delaware authorities opened a case against his son Hunter.

is accused of tax evasion and his activities in China are also to be investigated.

Trump has already tweeted that 10 percent of voters who voted for Biden would change their minds if they knew about his son's business dealings.

"But I still won!" - Trump is convinced of that.

At the end of November, he himself called for a review of the voting results.

The US presidential election took place on 3.


Needless to say, Spiegel (a german mainstream magazine) has nothing to criticize about the social media's censorship measures: "Specifically, according to the platform, it is about videos in which - without factual basis - it is claimed that the 2020 election was only decided in favor of one presidential candidate due to widespread software errors or mistakes in counting.

By now, enough US states have certified their election results for a president-elect to be determinable, YouTube's blog post says. "Investigation into Hunter BidenThe Spiegel has reported that the Delaware attorney general's office is investigating Huner Biden for tax offenses: "Tax investigations have been launched against the son of US President-elect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden confirmed this in a statement.

According to the statement, federal prosecutors in the state of Delaware are investigating. "But this is not the whole truth, as we have already seen in the short report by Russian television.

Politico also reports on further investigations against Hunter Biden, there is also talk of investigations into money laundering and Hunter Biden's business dealings abroad.

According to a report by the tabloid "New York Post" from October, Hunter Biden allegedly used his father's position in business dealings in Ukraine in 2015. Joe Biden was US Vice President at the time. "It remains to be seen whether the investigation will yield anything, but there would always be enough reasons to investigate Hunter Biden.

We are against censorship, against fraud, for peace, for fair and objective views, Maxym Makedonskyi Chief editor of rund-news.com